Wilson High School

Class of 1981

Class & Reunion Information


I am looking for anyone with photos from our 5th and 15th reunions.  Please let me know if you have some to share.  I will make arrangements to get them copied and get them back to you if they are not already digital.

Keeping in touch with so many folks has its challenges.  Sometimes the leads dry up.  People move, parents move.   Life changes.   So many children and grand children have been born to class member, and along the way, we've lost quite a few members.

I am missing photos and obituaries for a few members.  If you have any, please let me know, again, I will make arrangements to make copies and get originals back to you.

 This  site  is  dedicated  to  keeping  our  class  in contact  with  each  other  for free.

As mailing costs have increased, the bulk of the contact  information  will  be  moved  to  the Internet.   A FaceBook page has been established to keep in touch.   This will also serve as a way to find 'missing' members.  If you have other needs for this board, feel free to let me know. 


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